Norton Zone™ 20GB

Norton Zone™ 20GB

Cloud file-sharing that lets you easily and safely share your photos, videos and other important documents anytime, anywhere

1 year subscription for 1 user and 20GB

$ 49.99
Key Technologies
  • Share easily and safely -
  • Sync files automatically -
  • Anywhere access -
  • Built-in file controls -
  • File safety -
  • Government-grade encryption -
  • Symantec trust -
  • File collaboration -
  • Secure share links -
  • Safe social posting -
  • File versioning -
  • Easy, easy, easy -

Share easily and safely, wherever you are, on whatever device

  • Cross platform support (Web, Windows, Windows 8/RT, Mac® OS, Android™ smartphone, iPhone® and iPad®).
  • Add a file to one device, it syncs and appears on another.
  • Each app is designed to take advantage of the device’s unique technology and security features.
  • 20 GB of free storage.

Always have the most up-to-date versions of your files at your fingertips on all of your devices

  • Everything in your Norton Zone folder automatically syncs to the Web and to any other device with Norton Zone installed on it.
  • No sync button or action required.

Share what you want to share and keep your private Stuff private

  • Add contributors so they can view, access or download any file within the folder; also remove contributors at anytime.
  • Custom-select which folders to share.
  • You own the data in your Zone folder. It's yours, not ours.

Feel confident knowing your files are free of viruses and malware before you share with anyone

  • Norton Zone proactively scans all files for malware before you share your Stuff.
  • Your files will be virus-free when you share with family, friends and co-workers.

Your digital files are protected and actually safer when stored in your Norton Zone folder than on your hard drive

  • Data security in transit (SSL)
  • Data security at rest AES-256

Symantec knows security and our systems are designed from the ground up with protection in mind

  • We have been in the security business for more than 25 years.
  • 235 million customers trust their systems to us.
  • We protect 90% of the Fortune 500 companies in the world.
  • As we develop services, we rigorously test them for security breaches, including penetration tests, threat modeling and ongoing security audits.
  • We manage our data center so we can prevent unauthorized access better than anyone.
  • Our data center is certified SOC1 and ISO 27001.

Easily collaborate on any file shared - make comments or keep track of the latest version

  • Make and track comments on each file stored in Norton Zone.
  • View and restore to previous versions using the Norton Zone Web app.

Quickly and easily share your files by simply sending a link, no login required

  • Create a link to allow friends, family and co-workers to download specific files; in particular large files that exceed email allowances.
  • Define when that link becomes inactive, either by date or by number of downloads.
  • Send a link to a file through email or any other tool like IM, Twitter, etc., without worrying about file size limitations.
  • On your mobile phone, you don't have to wait for the file to download before you share. Just tap the link icon and send the link to anyone.
Symantec provides free 24x7 chat and phone support for the duration of the paid subscription period. Use of Norton Zone™ is subject to acceptance of the Software and Services Agreement included with Norton Zone and available for review at