Norton Zone™ business edition

Norton Zone™ business edition

Safely and easily share all your important documents, spreadsheets, videos and files with colleagues and clients anytime, anywhere

1 month subscription for 5 users

$ 74.99/month
Key Technologies
  • Share easily and safely -
  • Unlimited storage -
  • Mobile access and controls -
  • Easy admin console -
  • Multiblind™ Key Encryption (MBKE) -
  • Multi-account sync -
  • Separate zones -
  • Built-in file security controls -
  • Two-factor authentication -
  • Secure public link sharing -
  • Automatic malware and virus scanning -
  • Symantec secure -
  • SOC1 and ISO27001 -
  • Unlimited file versioning -
  • File collaboration -
  • Cross platform and cross browser support -
  • Easy, easy, easy -

For once, sharing doesn't mean compromising. Introducing cloud file-sharing that's both easy and secure.

  • Wherever you are, whatever device you're on, Norton Zone lets you share important files with colleagues and clients.
  • Add a file from one device – and it syncs and appears on another – Windows, Mac®, Android, iPhone or iPad.
  • Fully utilizes the unique technology and security advantages of each device.
  • No trade-offs – get the ease-of-use you need – all with the industry-leading online protection of Norton.

The sky's the limit when you’re sharing with Norton Zone.

  • Unlimited storage means your company, colleagues and clients can upload and share all the files they need, big or small – without worrying about space limits.
  • Data is "pooled storage" so the storage quota is shared across all members provisioned to Norton Zone.
  • With files stored remotely in our data centers, your hard work will always be available, even if your local drive or mobile devices fail.

Files at your fingertips, at your colleague's fingertips, at your client's fingertips – that's what makes sharing unbelievably easy.

  • As soon as there's a change to a file in your Norton Zone folder, you'll quickly see that change across all your other devices.
  • Quickly and easily share your files through email, IM, Facebook and Twitter by sending a link with no login required – it's great for sharing large files.
  • Collaborate better with features that let everyone in your company add comments and keep track of the latest version.
  • Need to revert back? View and restore as far back as you need with unlimited versions.
  • Easily search for files in your Zone folder.

Every cloud may have a silver lining, but ours also includes multiple layers of fully-patented, virtually-unbreakable, key encryption.

  • Your files are stored in our own data centers, which we designed from the ground up with one thing in mind – to keep out unauthorized access better than anyone else.
  • Trust the security of your files with our 25 years of leadership experience in the online security world and a network of 275 million systems.
  • Every file is proactively scanned for malware and viruses before you share that file.
  • All our services are rigorously tested for security breaches including penetration tests, threat modeling and ongoing security audits.
  • Patented Encryption technology is built into Norton Zone and provides multiple deep encryption methods on the cloud and includes complete security for both data in transit and at rest in our data centers.

Let your worlds coexist – not collide – when you're in Norton Zone.

  • Easily toggle back and forth between personal and business versions of Norton Zone, even when you’re on a mobile device, while keeping files completely separate.
  • Only a single install is needed per device to access personal and business files.
  • Personal and business files are stored separately, and even encrypted separately.

Stay in complete control without ever losing your mind – managing your company in the cloud couldn't be easier.

  • Use the admin console to identify, add or remove members, determine approved devices and define rules for keeping files safe.
  • Maintain ownership of your files because data in Norton Zone belongs to your business, not ours.
  • Whether your company's mobile devices are in the next cube or next continent, keep files safe with remote wipe for locally stored Norton Zone files, passcode requirements and restrictions determining whether files can be stored locally or not.
  • Using the activity list, monitor all the actions of iOS or Android device associated with your account.
Symantec provides free 24x7 chat and phone support for the duration of the paid subscription period. Use of Norton Zone™ is subject to acceptance of the Software and Services Agreement included with Norton Zone and available for review at